Your entertainer will start her routine in a sexy costume. Choices are available and will depend on the Knoxville dancer you have hired. Ideally this will be a surprise for the guest of honor. The show will begin with a tantalizing striptease. The focus on the first part will be on the bachelor/birthday boy. They will demo party games and offer lap dances for other guys at the party. Check out our adult entertainment services page for more details. Each party is personalized and unique. Your gang will have fun and you will look like a genius for setting it up.

Short answer - as soon as possible. Longer answer - last minute bookings can be accommodated if you are very flexible on your dancer choices and the time of arrival. Some dancers are in higher demand than others. Certain nights like Friday and Saturday are the busiest nights. Most people want their parties to start between 8-11pm. Advance bookings enable you to get the time slot and the performer of your choice.

Yes you can by reaching out to us via our contact page. Let us know when your party is and the city/town it will be held. We will then send you real photos of the girls who will be available. Many of our dancers have day jobs and family in the area and choose not to be featured on a website.

Your party will need to have at least 5 people. If your party has less than 5 guests, the dancer will not perform. We do not do one on ones.

Everyone there needs to be 18 years old. If there is any dispute the dancer will require a valid state issued id.

We highly recommend you tip your dancers for the best experience. They will have an assortment of games, party tricks and special dances that will be available. Not only will your party last longer but everyone will have more fun participating. It goes without saying, the more you tip, the more fun you will have.

Yes, but what's available would depend upon each dancer as they supply their own outfits. Let us know if you have any special requests and we will find out if anyone can accommodate. The dancers will also be happy to wear any costumes you choose to buy for the event.

A deposit is required to book an event. This ensures you get the time you choose and to secure the dancer. We accept all major credit cards and many digital payment options.

We can only accept the deposit on a card. The balance will need to be paid to the entertainers in cash when they arrive.

The dancers will bring their own playlist and bluetooth speaker. If you guys have a backup speaker that would be great. They will have routines worked out to their music. If you have any special requests the dancers may dance to them as long as you provide the tunes

To set this up I need the date of your party and the time you want the entertainment to arrive. In addition your name and phone number. Also a backup phone contact for that night. I need the address of your party. Once the deposit has been made you will be set for your exotic dancers! You can set this up on the contact page at your convenience.

We are always hiring qualified individuals to entertain at local parties! Send them to our Knoxville stripper job opportunities page and have them apply online.